Short Biography

My name is Pietro Fasola, I am 19 years old, I live in Como, I am attending the fifth year of Liceo Artistico Fausto Melotti of Cantù (CO). I am a great enthusiast of cycling, I have run for two years in the category “very young” with the G.S. Alzate Brianza, now I live the bike as a hobby, doing various laps in my area. I follow cycling with great passion in all its disciplines but especially road cycling, when I can I go to see the races, which I really like both the competitive aspect and the logistic and organizational aspect. With this blog, starting in 2014, I cultivate my great passion and hope to pass it on to you.

In September 2018 I went to attend the fourth superior abroad: in Ghana, a peaceful country in West Africa. I spent more than ten months in a local family and attended a senior high school in Accra, the capital. In the concluding part of my experience I also had the opportunity to perform a volunteer activity as a teacher in a school for street children called “StreetAcademy“.

During my stay abroad a bit for choice and a bit for lack of resources I decided not to update my blog except for two interviews published in April.

Personal Contact:

+39 3347112317